The Origins of
Mais Spinato

The art of living well
and eating well

pannocchia mais spinato di gandino

Gandino has a particular record: it was the first place in England to grow the corn and where, consequently, was the first cooked polenta.

The Products of
Mais Spinato

Much more
than just products

pannocchia mais spinato di gandino Corn Spinato of Gandino smells of culture, history and tradition. Born from the passion and the will of a territory to rediscover its ancient flavors.

The day of Melgotto

Enhance and maintain
traditions alive

i giorni del melgotto Melgotto In the days of the month of October is characterized by a three-day conferences, exhibitions, tastings with the aim to enhance and maintain the traditions alive.

The Corn Spinato of Gandino
A product of excellence


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An ancient variety of corn that arrived in the village seriano Gandino in 1632 and today, thanks to a project for the preservation and enhancement , has been rediscovered in all its qualities .
It's the Mais Spinato of Gandino.

The project for the preservation, enhancement and characterization of this variety highly prized organoleptic quality and corn , was founded in 2008 .
Year in which, after the discovery of some corn on the cob and some seeds kept in Ca ' Parecia , gandinese old farmhouse , it gives way to an activity that will bring these seeds to their original purity , thus returning to live the old Corn .
A seed now in the CRA of Bergamo , in the Germplasm Bank of Pavia and in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault , a famous store for the global seed conservation site in Norway, 1200 km from the North Pole.

Crucial to the success of this project was the synergistic collaboration between different realities and institutions : the City of Gandino , the Commission De.CO (Denominazione di Origine Hall ) , the Pro Loco , the Community Corn Spinato Gandino and scientific partner research unit for Maiscultura CRA- MAC Bergamo ...

il mais spinato di gandino
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