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We are what you eat, claimed a German philosopher , and who most of us polentone can argue that it is made ​​of corn, corn collected from chapped hands , unwrapped with humble patience in the company of old people and children and left to dry in the " soler " grain with those metal teeth from the wooden horse that " never moved " and made prezioza flour , powdered beautiful as gold, white, yellow , rough , fine as long as the rain did not give in in the " cagliera " hanging from the fireplace always lit ......

We, too, but mostly we polentoni , become men of corn ........ when on October 15, 1492, Christopher Columbus , in approaching the island Ferrandina , today Long Island in the Bahamas , she discovers the first " new thing " and that is the Indian Corn , which he initially confused with the panizo , pánico the future and makes us complicit in the biggest upheaval food happened in Europe, thanks to the two other new things, namely tomato and potato.
Globalization Alimentary starts and will not stop .

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