Il Seed of Corn Spinato

Organoleptic properties: Seeds with “pointed” extremity, vitreous and compact structure, bright yellow colour, strong perfume, sweet and pleasant taste for a smooth “polenta”.
il mais spinato di gandino

Melgotto Flour

Ground by an old, traditional mill, the “melgotto flour” is an integral “bramata ”, typical Italian flour. Wellknown in the Bergamo area, and widely used for “polenta”, the famous dish of Northern Italy , it was twice awarded the 1st prize at a regional “polenta contest”.
il mais spinato di gandino

The Spinetta

This 100% Spinato corn rusk was successfully launched in 2012 during the Gandino fair honouring St. Joseph. It is obtained preserving the corn grains and adding simply water and heat, without modifications of the natural product’s original characteristics. Crispy and tasty, it is ideal for replacing bread or as a light snack.
il mais spinato di gandino

The Pan Spinato Bread

This new bread type invented by the bakery PANIFICIO GIACOMO ZUCCA DI CASNIGO is almost entirely made with spinato di Gandino corn flour. Crispy and bright yellow outside - it reminds of polenta flakes - it is also soft and tasty inside.
il mais spinato di gandino

The "Pearls of Gandino"

The ‚Pearls of Gandino‛ are fresh-egg-pasta ravioli, stuffed with cold cuts of italian excellence and high quality products, including ‚slow food‛ . The ‚Spinato‛ of Gandino breadcrumbs, together with ‚La Garibalba ‚ bread, characterizes the aroma, blending perfectly with the ham, mortadella, salami, and the touch of flavor of the Puglia's olives. Melted butter, sage, parmesan and an olive, perfectly complement this dish of unique culinary poetry.
il mais spinato di gandino

The Spinata

Much more than a simple pizza, something deliciously different from a traditional “piadina”. The “Spinata” is made from a home-made light and crispy pasta created with a selected mix of different types of flour, one of them derived from spinato corn. Giacomo Zucca, owner of a bakery in the nearby village of Casnigo, worked on the “Spinata” project. This baker is also the inventor of “Garibalda”, the bread type which the House of Commerce of Bergamo choose in 2009 as the most typical bread of the Bergamo area. The “Spinata” can be tasted at Restaurant Locanda Ristorante Centrale, located in the heart of ancient Gandino.
il mais spinato di gandino

Salty Chiacchiere

These salty snacks called “Chiacchiere” are made from the flower mix that originated Spinetta rusks. They are now becoming a must-have for happy hours and parties in Gandino. Crispy and tasty, they can be found at the Locanda Ristorante Centrale.
chiacchiere il mais spinato di gandino

The salty pie Delizia Salata

Salty pie made with high-quality ingredients from the Italian tradition: Trevisana red salad, Scamorza cheese, onions from Tropea and a flour made with 50% Mais Spinato from Gandino. A not-to-be missed choice that proves once more the excellent quality and taste of this cornmeal.
 torta salata

Vegetable Salty Pie Fior di Spinato alle Verdure

A vegetable 100% fior di spinato cornmeal pie in which corn meets the flavour of artichokes and creamy Gorgonzola cheese.
torta salata spinato di gandino

il mais spinato di gandino
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