The thought

“More and more the Chef becomes an artist of the plate and a manager into the kitchen. The Chef has to have all the skills in order to manage all the activities run into the kitchen; from the selection and training of the staff, to the choice and the relationship of both local and international suppliers that ensure the perfect raw material, till the creation of the menu that represent the final result of his art.”

The style

“My countless international experiences end my endless research of the Italian cuisine made my style a Mediterranean one with Oriental influences. My will is to research the perfect ingredient and to celebrate it as much as possible, to taste new flavors and to enrich the traditional taste with international ideas. I believe that you have never to forget the delightfulness of a plate both for the taste and for the eyes, the dish has to catch and to drive who is tasting it through a unique experience.”

My goal

“To capture the five senses through a dish. A plate is able to give different emotions and one of the Chef’s task, whichever is the technique, is to be able to create a personal dish able to excite whoever is tasting it. Finally he has to be able to easily communicate the complexity of the culinary knowledge.”

Colucci Gian Nicola
Executive Chef Hotel Danieli Venezia

Parmigiano Reggiano and Pumpkin pie

il mais spinato di gandino
Parmigiano Reggiano and Pumpkin pie with hearth of Greek Yogurt and Spinato Corn's ice cream in his crispy wafer, Broccoli and Radicchio Trevigiano with Parma ham.


For the crispy wafer:

2 liters of Water, 450 g Spinato corn’s polenta, 10 g of Salt, 100 g of Butter, 10 g of Sage, 5g of Rosemary, 5 g of Thyme and 10 g of Garlic.

For the ice cream:

1liters of Soya milk, 200 g of Water, 100 g of Sugar, 300 g of Glucose, 200 g of Cold cream, 300 g of Spinato corn’s polenta and 3 g Neutral stabilizing.

For the radicchio:

1 Radicchio cutted in 4 pieces, 600 g of Water, 15 g of Salt, 10 g of Sugar, 200 g of White vinegar, 2 Laurel leaf, 4 White peppercorns and 6 Parma ham slices.

For the pie:

200 g of Fresh ricotta, 500 g of Pumpkin, 150 g of Liquid cream, 4 Eggs, 150 g of Greek yogurt, 100 g of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, 5 g of Chive, 400 g of Broccoli and 8 Triangles of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese lightly smoked.


For the ice cream:
Cook the polenta in unsalted water for 3-4 hours.
Blend it with soy milk, sugar and bring to a boiling temperature , filter with a fine strainer. Let it stand overnight in the refrigerator, the day after add the cream and the stabilizer, stir it into the ice cream maker.

For the pie: Cook the pumpkin in the oven with scent of garlic, onion and laurel.
Once cooked, whisk it and add it to the other listed ingredients except the yoghurt that will be putted at the center of the cake.
Put some mixture into a stencil, add a bit of Greek yogurt in the heart of the cake and cover it with other mixture.
Cook it in the oven at a temperature of 120°C and a humidity of 45% for 25 minutes. Let the pie stand for a while.

For the broccoli: Cook the broccoli in water and salt, drip them and cut them into pieces. Dress with an infusion of extra virgin oil, garlic, anchovy and chili.

For the radicchio: In a pan, put 600g of water and the vinegar for the radicchio, when the water is boiling, add all the aromas and finally the radicchio, cover with a lid and cook a few minutes until you get a crispy product, drain and grill slightly.

Cook the polenta in a pan act to contain it and let it cook for 3 \ 4 hours slowly. Spread a thin layer of 2 Millimeters and let it dry in the oven at 60 ° overnight, the next morning, remove it from the oven and fry small pieces of the desired shape at a temperature of 150° until they bloat like chips. Make up the dish as it is shown in the picture


Pappardelle of Spinato

il mais spinato di gandino
Pappardelle of Spinato Corn'swith lobster, mixed mushrooms, Treviso's radicchio, tomatoes and smoked ricotta from Crotone.

Ingredients for 10 servings:

800 g of Wheat flour , 200 g of Spinato corn’s flour, 18 Yolks, 250 g of Water, 15 g of Salt, 15 g of Extra virgin olive oil, 300 g of Tomatoes, 200 g of Mixed mushrooms cooked with garlic and thyme, 300 g Radicchio cooked in water and white vinegar, 200 g of Smoked ricotta from Crotone, 1 Bottle of white vinegar and 500 g of Lobster.


Knead the ingredient for the “pappardelle”, mixing together the two kinds of flours, the yolks, water, salt and some extra virgin olive oil.

Skin the tomatoes with the help of hot water, cut them into two parts, overspread them with salt, basic and garlic and let them dry in the oven at a temperature of 60°C for 30 minutes.

Cook the lobsters in boiling water flavored with salt, pepper, laurel leaves, 1 cup of white wine, and two stalks of celery.

Cook the body of the lobster for 4 minutes, while the pincers for 7 minutes, remove the pulp, cut into the desired size and dress with oil, thyme and some chili.

Cook the “Pappardelle” in salted water. In a pan put some oil, add the lobster, the mushrooms, tomatoes and the Treviso’s radicchio. When the pasta is cooked, put it into the pan, add a tablespoon of vegetable broth and again some oil.

Make up the dish as shown in the picture and add some slices of smoked ricotta from Crotone.


Pumpkin and Spinato Corn's Flour Bread

il mais spinato di gandino
Pumpkin and Spinato Corn's Flour Bread.


600 grams of wheat flour, 200 grams of Spinato corn flour, 300 grams of Pumpkin compound (made with: 200 grams fresh ricotta cheese, 500 grams cooked and dried pumpkin, 150 grams Cream, 4 whole eggs, 100 grams Parmesan cheese,10 grams chives), 16 grams Yeast, 10 grams Salt and 10 grams extra virgin olive oil.


Mix all ingredients together and make them leaven for one hour. Subsequently break the mixture and let it rise again. Mold the bread as desired and bake it for 18 minutes at 160°C and 45% of humidity.


Spinato corn ice cream with 12 years aged balsamic vinegar

il mais spinato di gandino
Spinato corn ice cream with 12 years aged balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Ingredients for 10 serving:

1 litre of Soy Milk, 200 grams of Water, 100 grams of Sugar, 300 grams of Glucose, 200 grams of Cream, 300 grams Cooked polenta and 3 grams neutral stabilizer.


Cook polenta in water without salt for 3 \ 4 hours Add it to the soy milk, to the sugar and the glucose and make it boil. Filter the mixture with a fine strainer. Let it stand overnight into the refrigerator and, the day after, add the cream and the stabilizer. At the end mix the ice cream into Gian Nicola Colucci the ice cream maker.


Venetian Corn Cookies

il mais spinato di gandino
Venetian Corn Cookies


200 grams of Spinato corn flour, 150 grams of Wheat Flour, 150 grams of Butter, 100 grams of Sugar, 3 Yolks, 1 gram of Baking powder, Salt.


Cook polenta (corn pudding) as usual, adding sugar. Once it is cooked add the baking powder, the wheat flour and the yolks. Put the mixture in a plate and let it cool overnight, then remove it from the mold, cut into the desired shape and bake the cookies at 160°C for 8/10 minutes depending on the given shape. For the traditional recipe add also pine nuts and raisins.


Dolce Vialone

il mais spinato di gandino
Dolce Vialone rice cake over spinato corn's biscuit with strawberry aspic and thinly sliced mango.

Preparation time: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

Maltitol is used as a sweetener, as it is 75% more sweet than sucrose, the common used sugar, especially in chocolate, chewing gum and candy’s as well as in some cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products.
The calorific value of maltitol is approximately 60% compared to our conventional sugar: according to the EC Nutrition and Labeling Directive, a gram of maltitol is about 2.4 kcal compared to 4.0 kcal of a gram of sucrose. Maltitol syrup has instead approximately 3 kcal / g. This property is particularly appreciated in particular diets, such as in obese or overweight cases.


For the cake:

500 g of Soya milk, 200 g of Vialone nano rice, 1 Madagascar Vanilla stick, 100 g Maltitol, 1 Long Cynnamon stick, 10 Cloves, 1 Orange peel,

For the decoration:

4 Spinato corn’s biscuit, 2 Mangos

For the strawberry aspic:

250 g Strawberry puree, 3 Isinglass sheets, 200 g of Dark chocolate.


In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients for the cake, cook the rice gently for 45 minutes, until the liquid has been completely absorbed. Cut the desired shape from the rice cake and put it on the top of the spinato corn’s biscuit. In another pan put the strawberry’s puree, the isinglass sheets previously dissolved into water and ice, and bring the mixture to 75°C, stirring constantly. Filter into a square container, forming a 0,5 cm high bed. Finally cool the strawberry’s aspic. Give to the aspic the same cake’s shape Cut the Mango into thin slices and put them on a plate, lay down the strawberry’s aspic in the center and, on the top, put the warm rice cake, finalize the dish with curls of dark chocolate.

This dish can be eaten by people affected by intolerance to gluten and lactose.

il mais spinato di gandino
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